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We are proud to announce to the Primereum community, customers, and Crypto-Community that Stage 1 of your much-awaited PRIMEREUM FUEL STORE is now live.

This new development means, you can now Deposit and Withdraw into your Primereum wallets using some of your favorite Cryptocurrencies. There are more than 20 different Cryptocurrencies already listed on our platform for you to choose from. More currencies will be added to the list as the demand is increased and our Cryptocurrency community grows.

Primereum is a Cryptocurrency marketplace which is aimed at providing a common platform for both Merchants and Shoppers who want to use Cryptocurrency without the volatile nature that most people are afraid of.

Below are the list of the first selection of currencies that are accepted in the Primereum Fuel Store: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Binance ($BNB), Litecoin ($LTC), GCR Token ($GCR), Dash ($DASH), Dogecoin ($DOGE), Huobi ($HT), Matic Network ($MATIC), Troy ($TROY), Tether UST ($USDT), GCCH original ($GCCH) etc.

You can view our current list of accepted coins and tokens here:

A shopper can use any of these accepted Cryptocurrencies in the Fuel Store to purchase the PRIMEREUM FUEL TOKEN (PMF). The Primereum EcoSystem is a stable environment with its PMF token anchored to the value of 1 Gram of Gold. Once you have purchased some PMF tokens you can visit the Marketplace and shop using your PMF tokens.

Primereum plans to accept up to 100 different Cryptocurrencies before the end of 2021.

Click to become a merchant or join the marketplace.

Other News:

1. We are still reminding all of our community who have bags of GCR COINS, to swap their GCR Coins for GCR tokens, ASAP on or read more about it here.

2. Owners of GCCH Token can also be swapped for $PMF (eco)s on our platform at a ration of 10 PMF (eco) for 1 GCCH Token.

3. Owners of GCR Tokens can purchase $PMF (eco) through the Fuel Store at a ratio of 1 PMF (eco) for 1 GCR Token.

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Primereum Official

Primereum is an E-commerce platform that accepts a long list of CryptoCurrencies. Fueled by our Stable currency.